#22 Meta-Rationality & Sexuality

Jason & I have a wide-ranging chat with Jessica (@ssica3003) about her path to meta-rationality, her views on feminism, activism, post-modernism, men's rights, restorative vs retributive justice, utopian thinking, how meta-rationality relates & connects to bisexual life, polyamory, incels, cultural design, and much more!

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In this Episode of Both/And

Jessica's blog and YouTube Channel

David Chapman & his website, Meaningness


Summary of Kegan Stage 5 Principles

Reaching Stage 5 - non STEM


Cross+Pollination Zine

Twitter Questions

Peter Limberg

#16 Mind Fitness & Gender with Chance Lunceford

Hades, an egregore

Azathoth Egregore: "An Alien God"


Ra Egregore: "Ra"

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