Jared Janes

I'm a curious guy focused on leaving a positive impact...


...spending my time

coaching passionate & driven people, running Altruist to support outstanding causes, and producing Impactful to share my stories.


my curiosity has lead me down many scientific, experiential, and philosophical rabbit holes. And while my worldview is always evolving, I think a fulfilling life is built on two things.

1. Healthy relationships with ourselves.

It all starts with you. Deciding to focus on your mental & physical health leads to a better career, deeper relationships, and a happier, healthier life.

2. Healthy relationships with others.

We thrive when connecting with others, and strong relationships & great communities benefit everyone involved.

I've been obsessed with developing these two aspects of my life for over a decade.

I started coaching to share what I've learned in a highly personalized way.

My favorite coaching tools & tacticsMeditation, Habit Design, Diet & Exercise, Learning Tactics, Sleep Tips, Career Design, Management/Leadership Theory, Collaboration & Communication Best-Practices, and many more...

people say...

Jared’s level of passion for helping clients achieve their goals is exceeded only by his exhaustive level of understanding of the techniques imperative for a successful journey. Truly one of the most compassionate, realistic and honest problem solvers I have ever met.
Stephen West, Creator & Host of the Philosophize This! Podcast
When working with Jared, he does a great job of breaking down the many aspects of the mental game. Allowing you to create a focus and methodology to work on weaknesses as well as improving on strengths.
Erik "da_bears" Stromberg, Former Counter-Strike Pro
Jared’s ability to identify important details about human performance is invaluable. Maybe more importantly, he’s a master at discerning the trivial from the vital, a rare skill-set in today’s world of excessive information.
Kyle Dokken, Fitness & Mobility Coach