Personal Coaching

I’m a committed meditator & thinker with a passion for helping others thrive.


Curiosity has led me to a wide variety of teachings, methods, and philosophies — both traditional and contemporary. I’m a daily meditator, attend multiple retreats each year, completed a variety of meditation courses, and have worked 1-on-1 with multiple accomplished teachers.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all systems and I’ll work with you to create a highly personalized practice that allows you to infuse mindfulness & joy in all aspects of life. While the foundation of my coaching is focused on mindfulness practices, when appropriate, I also emphasize habit design, personal & professional development, and philosophy.

Completed Unified Mindfulness (UM) Courses (Core, UNIFY & Foundations), 8 month Dharma Treasure Dedicated Practitioner Course & six retreats in the past two years.

How’s it work?

My available coaching time varies depending on my schedule, so my goal is to find those who can benefit the most.
I have no standard schedules, only accept donations, and I work with you to create a framework that works for both of us.

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