1.3 Repetition

Part 3 of Impactful Series 1 — In this episode I talk about harnessing the power of repetition with Stephen West (host of Philosophize This). We both point out the effect its had on our lives, and why certain types of repetition can be controversial. I go on to talk about the impact it has on our culture, and how best to utilize such an amazing tool.

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Show Notes

Stephen West, Host of Philosophize This

Space & Tension by Paul Tyan
Meddlesomeness & Onward Through It by A. Hughman

Influences & Suggested Content

Article: 5 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win The Day
Book: The Power of Habit or Better Than Before

Rituals Improve Life According to Ancient Chinese Philosophers (6 minutes)
STOP STEALING DREAMS: Seth Godin (17 minutes)

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