1.2 Certainty

Part 2 of Impactful Series 1 — In this episode I talk more about the challenges we face when building on the foundations outlined in episode 1.1. Specifically, why our brains are so attracted to certainty, and why it's a big problem today. Then, Jason Gots (host of Think Again, a Big Think Podcast) and I talk about some strategies for overcoming these challenges.

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Show Notes

Jason Gots — Host of Think Again

The Gene: An Intimate HistoryThe Bricks that Built the Houses & Between the World and Me

Meddlesomeness & A Rest We’ll Never Know by A. Hughman

Influences & Suggested Content

Article: A Hunger for Certainty
Article: Carl Sagan on Humility, Science as a Tool of Democracy, and the Value of Uncertainty
Book: Stumbling on Happiness

TED Talks
Stuart Firestein: The pursuit of ignorance (18 minutes)
Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God complex (18 minutes)
Why you think you're right -- even if you're wrong | Julia Galef (11 minutes)

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