Corporate Training

Mindful teams that take pride in their work thrive in our rapidly changing corporate world.


I was drawn to leadership at a young age, however, when I began my career in digital operations & management, I became deeply interested in expanding my natural leadership intuitions so that I could teach others to build successful teams. My hands-on experience and a self-directed education in social and psychological sciences, business, and mindfulness has led to my unique approach in creating top-performing teams using a people-first approach.

For more about my corporate background check out my LinkedIn Profile.

My Primary Areas of Focus

Creating practices & environments that promote mindfulness gives us a wider perspective that leads to better decisions & collaboration.

Intrinsic Motivation
People who take personal pride in their work have been shown to out-perform their disengaged peers.

Perspective Taking
When we make an effort to truly understand the people we work with, we can go places we could never reach alone.


Let’s Work Together

I like to provide customized trainings based on your needs, but I also have a few standard trainings that are a great place to start if you’re not exactly sure what you’d like to focus on yet.

Standard TrainingsMindfulness Lunch & Learn, Live Guided Meditations, and more coming soon …

Customized Trainings — If you’d like to jump straight into a personalized approach please describe the things you’re looking to improve on below.

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