Looking for great projects to support with the unique skillset I’ve developed in my eclectic background.


Leadership & Operations

Intrinsically motivated teams that take pride in their work have been shown to out-perform their disengaged peers. I work to create an environment where this behavior arises naturally. Everyone is encouraged to do their best work and be deeply engaged in the process.

These teams are built by hiring the right people, understanding motivations, and establishing effective communication. Once this is done, a team is able to build robust processes and operations that compliment their unique skills.

A deliberate, collaborative focus on the above aspects was key to the success of all the teams and projects I’ve led. I’d love to share what I’ve learned.

custom services: team audits, presentations, workshops, leadership coaching, custom hiring process creation, lean process/workflow audits/setup

Mindfulness & Meditation

I’ve been a daily meditator for about six years, learned directly from multiple accomplished teachers, and completed a hand full meditation courses (traditional & contemporary). I go on multiple retreats each year, teach mindfulness to groups & individuals, and have developed environments that encouraged mindfulness in all of the teams & projects I’ve led over the past decade.

custom services: workplace presentations, personal mindfulness coaching, workshops, guided meditations, environment audit, mindfulness lunch & learn

Design & Front-End Web/Admin

My career started in web & user interface design and while I moved into other areas of work, I use my design skills in all of my projects (all design & branding for two podcasts, a nonprofit, a YouTube show, and my personal site & social media).

While I didn’t completely finish my computer science degree, many of the skills I learned translated directly into the front-end coding (web & email) and platform/CMS admin/setup that I’ve done throughout my career.

I’ve also done all the production, editing, admin, and technical setup on my podcasts over the past three years.

services: audio production, media concept design &/or setup, front-end web/email production, platform/CMS admin &/or setup, web/graphic/user design, branding

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