Jared Janes

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to make a long story short... 

I haven’t followed a typical path in life and there have been some major obstacles, but I’ve been lucky enough to learn a lot from a wide variety of experiences and interests.

I played a video game semi-professionally for six years, built a career in marketing operations and management, started a nonprofit, created a podcast & blog, and built a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle that has allowed my passion for learning & coaching to run wild in our hyper-connected world.

Some of my biggest influences: meditation, nutrition, exercise, philosophy, management theory, neuroscience, economics, and behavioral & evolutionary theory.

These influences and my many experiences have lead me to focus on the three categories below to achieve my goals. They are the main focus of my work, and I'm always finding new tools and tactics to help develop & teach each of them in a personalized way.

Healthy Body & Mind

Sometimes it's easy to forget that everything we do is influenced by how well our minds and bodies are working. I was born with major health problems, but after I decided to focus on finding and applying the mental & physical activities, foods, and daily habits that work for me, I’ve been able to live a healthy, productive life my doctors and I didn't know was possible.  It's had a huge impact on my career, relationships, community, and overall well-being, which is why my coaching framework starts with doing the same for each unique body & mind.



We've all had that shitty boss, and we all know how hard it is to be happy in a dysfunctional team or community. Understanding what makes great leaders and collaborators is key to achieving our goals - and this goes far beyond the workplace. Even before my formal management career, I found myself leading the groups I was a part of. I've seen a lot of things that don't work, and a few that do. My framework focuses on creating environments were we can openly talk with one another, deeply understand our goals, and be motivated by ourselves first.


Meta-Learning is simply learning how to learn. My experiences and career have lead me to believe this is the most important skill to have, especially in our rapidly changing world. Plainly put, meta-learning is creating a personal process to efficiently find valuable things to learn, assure you remember them, and put them to use. It's allowed me to effectively explore and connect my varied list of recreational, scientific, and philosophical interests. Each insight I find along the way is incorporated throughout my framework.


...so what now?

If you'd like some help working on any of these aspects in your life, I'd love to help.

No coaching costs!? 

After a career in marketing, I've become a bit allergic to working just for the purpose of money. I'm passionate about coaching, and my first priority is to help anyone I can - regardless of their financial situation. I do accept optional donations from those I work with and the more support I get, the more I'm able to help.

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I'm regularly creating things for a broad audience too. 
Impactful is a podcast & blog where I share my insights in story form, the Altruist Prize is my nonprofit that supports outstanding causes, and I'm really active on Twitter occasionally. Come say hello!